XW6048 took a lightning hit now is dead.

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Hi my XW6048 is dead, I suspect to have a bad control board because an IC pops like pops like corn, unfortunately I don't have spare boards to test and isolate the problem.  Schneider Electric have the worst in customer service after warranty no support.. how come they don't sell parts???  is an expensive unit, everyone here told me move to Outback or Magnum they have replacements boards. Look close to the RJ-45 upper jack, blown IC and sparks from the lightning to earth chassis ground.


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    Your XW has been obsolete and not supported for 6 years. Many of the components are no longer made. Schneider gives a 1 year notice in advance when a device from their Solar business is going obsolete.

    I am curious if you have surge protectors and are grid or offgrid. There are aftermarket folks who can repair an XW but the shipping is expensive. Where are you located? Good Luck.
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