Solar Survival

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So can a man and a women survive for 3 weeks in a Salvage yard, alone N&A ? Since there is water in radiators and things like squirrels, gophers and snakes are around, this could happen


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    You wouldn't want to drink from a radiator...however with that being said, I'm quite sure efficient gathering means can be harnessed by the equipment available from the vehicles. I.e. using the glass to create heat to boil water, using steel rims for cooking devices, not to mention if you took the time and got one running! Lol. 

    Definitely could happen!
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    I've never seen a squirrel, gopher, or snake open a radiator to get water.  I have, however, found a mouse drowned in plumbing antifreeze in a toilet bowl.  Tastes like chicken? :smile:
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    You are so right about radiator water as it might contain Antifreeze. So water would need to come from elsewhere. Also bare feet in a junk yard is a no no. The movie " Road Warrior " , depending on gasoline would be " Solar Warrior " in this age of technology and Mel would need to join this forum here to catch up LOL.
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