25 year solar panel review

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Hey People!

Wanted to post review on 26 year old panels. (SIEMANS M75. 48W) I have 24 of them on a 24v nominal system wired for 48v. My CC says this will give me maximum efficiency. Rated new at STC I would have 1152W of panels.

4 panels wired in series x 6

8 panels wired in parallel x 3

3 strings into combiner box

STC: (63.6V X 18.12A)

My CC is (EPSOLAR 4210 40A) can charge at 1040w and maximum input is around 1500w

I live in Hawaii so I am blessed as far as being close to STC for solar panels temperature wise.

I havent been able to see what these panels have been capable of due to hitting absorb at around 10:30 in the morning. Today we had some morning storms and the weather cleared up very nicely so I could see the panels maximum production around 11:30am.

The maximum I usually see is around 700w before absorb.

I also still have the original manual for the panels aswell, so I will post some pictures

This was at 23C temperature

Just wanted to share, if anybody was interested.

Thanks all have a great day


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