Wind energy data logging

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I have been playing with energy logging and have recently purchased a NRG systems Symphonie Plus 15 channel data logger, NRG 40C anemometer, and NRG 200 wind vane.  It has 6 dedicated channels digital counters for anemometers, 2 analog channels for wind vane, four non dedicated analog channels ,and 3 non dedicated digital channels. I have only one SCM (signal conditioning module) for analog voltmeter, to use on the non dedicated channels.  Does anyone have expereince on these units. I bought it at auction for less than a consumer grade direct readout anemometer. It appears to be a very professional grade logger. Units are calibrated with documentation.  

2 Classic 150, 2 Kid, 5 arrays 7.5 kw total  2ea.  2S6P Sharp NE-170/NE-165, 1ea. 12P Sanyo HIT 200,  2ea. 4/6P Sanyo HIT 200, MagnaSine MS4024AE, Exeltech XP-1100,  2 Banks L-16 battery, Rolls-Surette S-530 and Interstate Traction, Shunts with whizbangJr and Bogart Tri-Metric, iCharger i208B  dc-dc buck/boost converter with BMS for small form lithium 8S 16650 or LiFePO4,
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