Magnum MMP250-30D Question

I'm getting read to instal a MMP250-30D in a friends houseboat.  I have a question that hopefully can be answered here.  The question revolves around AC inputs.  While in the slip, the boat is plugged into shore power.  Additionally, there is a generator on board the boat.  Here's the question - Can I wire the MMP250-30D as a Dual In/Single Out by having the shore power wired to AC1 in and the generator wired to AC 2 in?  Would this work or do I need a transfer switch?


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    If I'm understanding the question correctly, the inverter/charger wired into the panel should have a transfer switch built in that detects AC on one of two inputs, and passes (qualified) power through to loads.  The wiring and programming would depend on the inverter wired into the panel.
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