Electrical problem I think??

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So I thought my rover 20a had gone out, reads day but not processing any power and input like 12.3v 0 amps

after working thru cables etc I find if i unplug solar cables from the rover I can test 70V all over the series, remembering I have a pwm also so I try it before order new rover LI  and boom same issue

60+v ( cloudy now) when I plug into the pwm It kills it to 12.3v just like the rover???

3 100a batteries read 12.5v and power the controllers fine

any ideas



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    It does sound like there may be an electrical/connection issue. 

    I'd start by trying each panel individually on the pwm controller to see if one panel is bad or has a problem connector.  In doing so, check each connection for any signs of trouble (crud, corrosion, signs of overheating, cracks in wire/housings).

    If the panels seem ok individually, and you have more than one string, check each string individually on the mppt.

    Be sure to always let the controller to boot fully with battery power only, and then close pv breaker to avoid controller auto-sensing and setting nominal bank voltage incorrectly.  If pv isn't protected with a breaker, cover with a blanket or something to avoid making/breaking connections under load (which can cause connection problems, and/or make existing problems worse).

    A bad wire or connection may test fine open circuit, with a problem only showing up with charging current flowing.
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    thanks it did turn out to be a connector that for whatever reason tested opn current and messed up when on the controllers :p
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