I need help! 12v over 24v

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I have a 245 watt 24volt panel going to a mppt 100/30 controller  which is capable for 12v or 24v its all on one 12v battery. now before i buy my inverter im wondering should i bump my battery bank to 24v or just keep it at 12v? 


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    Your 245 watt panel, if a 60 cell panel isn't a 24 volt panel. With an MPPT controller you need higher voltage anyway for the MPPT to do its magic. Either you need another panel for a 24 volt system or use what you have for a 12 volt system.

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    It's generally a good idea to define & describe load needs first, then figure out the best way to meet those needs.  It isn't clear (to me, at least) from the question that an inverter is needed at all.
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