Where to sell Whisper 100/200 Wind Turbine?

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Hi everyone, I work for an Outdoor Education Center in West Virginia and I was given the task to sell our unused 80 ft Guyed Tower w/Whisper 100/200 Wind Turbine. Purchased in 2007 it has all the necessary equipment to generate wind power, but was never erected. As I know nothing about this subject, I came to this forum in hopes that I would be able to get an answer on how and where to sell this piece of equipment. 

Thanks in Advance!


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    We do allow people to sell "personal" solar/wind equipment on the forum... So your post is fine and people an Private Message you with their questions. Here is the link to send a PM to JW:


    If you sell the turbine, just make another post here that it is done.

    Craig's List seems to be very good for most people (free listings).


    EBay has lots of fees, but you will get more people seeing your turbine outside of your region.

    Good Luck,
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    the specs would be be beneficial for prospective buyers as well as tower make if not a Whisper...
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