For Sale, Surrette/Rolls 4KS25PS 1350Ah 4V batteries

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I have twelve Surrette/Rolls 4KS25PS batteries for sale.  They are used and have run my house for 10 years, but still cycle well and just keep on ticking.  I have switched over to LFP batteries, so am offering the Surrettes for sale.  Each battery is 1350Ah at 4V, 20hr rating.  I have been running them in series for a 1350Ah, 48V bank.  Total power is about 64kwh, and I use them down to 50% SOC.   Charging has been via solar with a back up generator (off-grid installation).  All indications are that they have plenty of life left in them, but I can't make any guarantees.  Surrette warrants them for 10 years (expired), and says the design life is 15 years.   So according to them, they should be good for another 5 years.

Also included is a BWT watering system which greatly simplifies maintenance.

As 4V cells, they can be configured for 12V, 24V, or 48V - your choice.  My preference is to sell them all together, but minimum purchase is 3 batteries for a 12V system.  New these are $1300 each.  I'm offering them for $200 ea, or $2000 for all 12 of them.

I can remove them from the house and have a forklift to move and load them, but you will have to sort out transportation.  I might be able to help, but it would be in addition to the purchase.  They are VERY heavy at 315 lbs each, so multiple trips in a pickup truck.  Located in east central Vermont.  Picture and spec sheet attached below.

Contact me via private message on this forum.


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