Solar Inverter used with Wind Turbine

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I have a Bergey 10kw  3 phase wind turbine and would like to find a Solar Grid tied inverter since I can no longer find inverters for Wind.

I currently have an SMA Windy Boy 3000 inverter temporarily connected to the wind turbine and it is working but need to locate an SMA programming cable for this inverter in order to modify the voltage to current curve of the inverter to work with this wind turbine since it was apparently initially programmed for a different wind turbine with a higher voltage to current curve.

The 3 phase AC is converted to DC using a Full wave bridge rectifier. I can add capacitors if the DC needs to be a smoothed out a bit.

Since I have already converted the 3 phase AC to DC shouldn't any DC to AC grid tied inverter work to convert the DC to 240vac split phase that has an upper limit of 500vdc or so on the inverter?

The wind turbine voltage usually runs between 180V and 380V but have been told that it can top out at 600V free wheeling with zero load in very high winds (no definition of very high winds)  but I have never seen anything above about 380 or so even in 40 mph winds so maybe at 100mph it could but by the time winds hit 100mph the grid would be down long before that happened.

Does anyone know of a Solar inverter that could be programmed to be used with a wind turbine?  The inverter would need to have voltage to power curve parameters that could be modified so just a way to set the curve.

The Windy Boy only has 3 points on its voltage to current power curve
1. Low volts = 0 % of inverter load
2. Mid volts = Mid % of inverter full load
3. Max volts = 100% of inverter full load

SMA Windy Boy also has a 2 second programmed ramp.

From what I understand the SMA Windy Boy started out in life as a Sunny Boy but with different firmware.
SMA no longer makes a Windy Boy.

Is there any reason a solar inverter could not be used with a wind turbine?
Isn't DC volts = DC volts? I know that solar cells are more consistent in their output and wind is all over the place but shouldn't the solar inverter still work to convert DC to AC?

The wind turbine is already flying but I just need an inverter to pair with it since the existing Bergey Power Sync II inverter is no longer working.

I have been looking at the new SMA transformerless inverters that can be purchased for under $2500 but do not have any experience with them. 

It is a very rare event that a wind turbine puts out max rated kw (28 mph winds) so I would be happy with anything at this point.  The SMA Windy Boy 3000 that I currently have connected to the Bergey is just too small and not programmed with the correct power curve.

I do not desire to go to the expense of adding a charge controller and another DC battery bank to my system.

Does anyone know where to get the software and programming cable for the SMA Windy Boy 3000?

Any alternate grid tied Inverter suggestions out there that can work with wind turbines and have a 500-600V upper limit?
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    The problem with solar PV inverters is you cannot change the power "curve" which is really the MPPT algorithm. It is far flatter than a wind turbine curve. The turn on voltages as well are much higher than most wind inverters. I feel your pain, no independent wind inverter companies out there (Grid tie). Small wind boomed about 15 years ago and has been dying since. Wind companies designed their machines for windy settings, not low to moderate areas, and windy locations are not mainstream.... by the numbers...
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    I don't have any information... Here are some more wind related links (many are close to 10 years old now, so there may be a fair number of dead links):

    Wind Power Links (good forum for DIY Wind Power)
    Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric site for tons of info (from mike90045)
    Scoraig Wind "Recipe Book" for DYI Turbines (from Chris Olson... From his 4/11/2013 post) (added from "russ"--Like here but more wind/less solar)

    Best of luck,
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    Have you asked Bergey about inverters ?  They used to have an inverter made for them that worked with the XL turbine

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    I have a Bergey Powersync II grid tie Inverter. It is remanufactured by bergey and still in box from Bergey. For sale
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