what happen to my Inverter when i connect it to output of UPS

I have made a mistake when i trying the test (simulation) the inveter like that.
- I bought a adapter 220VAC/110VDC 3A to power up the Zeverlution 5000. I connect it with the DC side to power up the inverter.
- Then every thing ok. I connect the inverter to my wifi network. Then use the zever app to see the Inverter connect to the Zever Cloud.
- Then after few hours. I thinks that i should test it with the AC side. So i connect it with the AC power in my office. BUt mistake here that i forgot the AC socket is acttually is the power from the Online 1KVA UPS. 
- What happen is the inverter check the status aboout 2 process, 1st process is pass, 2nd process is "boom". What i think is the Capacitor discharge. Because i have open the board and see --> there are no problem with the board.

What should i do next/


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