Can a 32 volt 940ma charger charge a 24 volt battery pack?

Can a 32 volt 940ma charger, charge a 24 volt battery pack? Or is the voltage too high?


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    It depends on the size, chemistry, construction, temperature, and state of charge of the battery.
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    And the charger itself (it should limit its output current to 940 mAmps even if charging a 12 volt battery)--But less expensive chargers can overheat if charging too low of voltage (too high of current).

    And as Estragon posted... 32 volts into a 24 volt battery is a bit on the high side--But can be done for a flooded cell battery. If the battery is some sort of sealed lead acid battery (AGM, GEL, VRLA), normally, the charging voltage would be around 28.4 to 28.8 volts maximum (and when the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger to prevent battery damage).

    If other chemistry (the various forums of Li Ion or NiMH, etc.), all bets are off.

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