Brilliance Grid Tie GEPVb-3300 Shows Inverter Offline (AC Voltage Fault)

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Had a Xantrex GT3.0 Inverter on our homes solar system and one day it just went out (inverter offline) replaced it with a new unit, but when we installed the new unit it showed Inverter Offline (AC Voltage Fault 0.0Volts). We tested it with a DC Tester and it shows we have power coming from the panels, but the inverter is still showing as offline. Not sure how to fix it?


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    Check the AC voltage on the input terminals (L1 and L2)==Should be ~240 VAC....

    There was also one change something like 10 years ago--The old inverters needed an L1, L2, and Safety Ground connection.

    The "newer" inverters needed L1, L2, N, and SG... The inverter checked for 240 VAC between L1 and L2, and checked for ~120 VAC between L1 (could be L2 or both) and Neutral.

    Since my original Xantrex inverter was the "old style", it did not have a neutral from the main panel to the inverter AC box... My installer just connected a wire from the safety ground to the "Neutral" terminal in the newer GT inverter (I do not remember where the Neutral terminal is located or how it it marked--But it should be obviously paired with L1 and L2---Otherwise, find the manual for the correct details)--And all has worked fine for years.

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