Sunny mini central 7000hv offgrid setup

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Hello all 
I own a sunny mini central 
IMG And would like to use it to get 220v from. Instead of getting connected and injecting in grid, 'cos i live on a boat,
IMG So i informed me about config and i can't get the sma grid guard from sma because i'm not a electrical pro. And as i didn't got my system from a official pv installer, i'm stuck in front of my sunny explorer (i connect through piggybackplus)asking me for grid guard code, in order to change grid setting to "offgrid" and be able to use finally my solar system .
So is there any one here, that got sma code, even outdated (as i'm not connecting the grid, but only my inverter, i read somewhere that someone used the code given to his professional installer And that grid codes are interchangeable and good for every inverter. So please someone to help me setting this parameter.
-> so i certainly can use an outaded code from anyone who used one.
I just need to get 220v out of my panels to load my already owned batteries with already owned 220v->12v chargers 
 I fo not know how to certify my honesty in my word, i'm adding today selfie.  Or ask me some question by personal message to get conforted in your share, thank you
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