Where's the sun

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Solar is great most of the time but  this September in the mountains of Virginia I've seen 3 days of partial sun. Good thing I got an Iota charger from naws. I have a stream 100 feet behind my rv just roaring. It's got me thinking of hydro power. Anyone  have any experience with hydro?
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    Locally (NW Ontario), Sept belongs on a milk carton. Went from hot summer to cold, wet, and gray literally in a matter of hours. No fall at all so far. Haven't run the generator all spring/summer, now every couple of days.

    I also have a stream running in a way it hasn't done in years. It would likely work for hydro now, but I'd want to see sustained flow data through multiple seasons/years before doing the work involved in micro-hydro. Most grid power locally is hydro, but micro-hydro is a different animal altogether.
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    My father explored micro-hydro in the  70's, but the EPA regulations were discouraging. He didn't own enough isolated ground.  
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