generator engine troubleshooting

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due to a phone call from someone trying to get their generator working right......I gave them these things to do

use the KISS method

symptom: generator runs rough from time to time with governor hunting when it does run rough, also using more gas than usual.....this makes it hard for an AGS to qualify your generator AC, it wont qualify until the voltage and frequency are stable ( xantrex/schneider inverters )

1) change the spark plug.....very simple to do and if this doesn't fix it we can go to the next easiest step
2) bad gas..........drain the gas and change the fuel filter, if you don't see water in the gas you can reuse it or put new gas in
3) adjust the valves ....this a bit more technical but you dont have to replace parts....yet
4) clean the carburetor
you can try using an additive to clean the gum deposits, but sometimes you have to take the carb off and disassemble it.
There are 3 places I recommend to pay attention to
a) the screw that holds the float bowl on has holes in it ( sometimes ), sometimes gets clogged, just clean it up
b) there is a plastic piece called a pilot jet that you can take out ( see image) that can get little pieces of dirt or gum in it and clog it up
image is of a honda or honda like carb....yours may not have this exact thing

remove the the screw above (it sets the idle and holds the other plastic piece in) then pop the pilot jet out.
You can use a torch tip cleaner in the backside of the carb to clean out the opening in gentle so as to not make the opening bigger.
then clean out the fuel transition ports on the engine side of the carb ( see image), you can use the torch tip cleaner or a dental pick....again be careful not to make to hole bigger....they are very small

c)and of course the main jet could be clogged...but not likely, spray some carb cleaner through it

side note, if you want to replace the carb, you can, but make sure you get new gaskets vacuum leaks can cause this same condition

4) ignition coil....intermittent spark could occur causing it to run run then run normal....just replace it if everything else didnt work

If none of this worked, it may be time to overhaul the engine or get a new one

most cases, the spark plug will fix it....just sayin

if the motor isnt running rough, but still the governor is hunting, check the spring on the rod from governor arm to carburetor....sometimes it gets broke, and while you may think it is insignificant, it does make a difference

for more carburetor stuff you can read through this PDF

hope this helps someone
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