Whisper 200, "Wish" controller, voltage change on charge controller info needed.

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Help with Whisper 200, newer Indian model with the "WISH" branded charge controller, which, inside, is different than my older Whisper 100 controller.  Purchased nearly 2 years ago after tower collapse of other mill (have 2).  Windseeker 503 survived but decided to upgrade to the Whisper 200 and 65 foot Southwest tower kit.  Tower ready to raise, wires in place except for last connections which brought a concern.  The mill was shipped with the standard 24 volt configuration. Mill already changed to 12 volt.  Owners manual has most info, however no info on reconfiguring the charge controller from 24 volts to 12 volts.  Ads indicate this is 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt field change capable.  Does anyone know how to change the voltage for the controller and Dump resister, or does this model do so electronically?  Dump resister has same 5  poles available as the older model, but no dip switches visible to change voltage from factory 24 to my needed 12 volt. (been off grid 33 years and higher voltages were not available back then and costs demanded I stay 12 volt, battery based.  Thanks for any help out there.  Attempts to contact the manufacturer not yet successful.
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