Whisper 100 Controller Lights not right?

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Recently changed out battery bank 48v. Controller worked fine prior - green light came on when wind blew, red light blinking when batteries full. During battery change switched to "OFF" to divert power to resistor. After connecting new batteries and turning on DC disconnect switch, switched back to "Charge". Now, Green light is on all the time, red light blinks either 3 times or 5 times for no apparent reason when in the "Charge" switch setting, and BOTH lights on continuous when in the "Off" setting. Pressed "reset" in both switch settings.

What does this mean?


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    Have you measured the current and voltage at the battery bank when charging? Have you checked the specific gravity of the batteries (all cells, temperature corrected) with a hydrometer?

    Do you have other charging sources?

    Is the battery bank fully charged at this time?

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    New Batteries. The Outback seems to be liking the new batteries, went thru its normal 11 year old program: bulk, absorb, float perfectly with the new batteries. No, I don't have the SG's yet. The batteries are new and settling in. All the indications are that the voltages and times etc are exactly as they should be. What I am looking for is someone who is expert with the Wind Gen controller because it is acting oddly. Someone that knows what the sequence of blinking lights means. This is the 4th set of new batteries in 11 years, so not the first time doing this. Again, Windgen was working perfectly normal four days ago with limping battery bank (1 dead cell of 48)

    Here is the system detail:


    Location: Northeastern AZ 5500 ft elevation. Full sun exposure 6 am to 7 pm midsummer.

    48 volt system 16 Interstate L16 new in 7/2014 with water miser caps in Battery box with Auto exhaust

    MX-60 Charge Controller

    Xantrex 5500(?) Inverter Charger

    16 Kyocera 130 watt with Wattsun Tracker

    900W Wind Generator

    12 kw Kohler Propane Auto Backup Gen installed Dec 2015. It has come on automatically twice in this time due to low battery voltage. Batteries are in perfect condition 99% of the time.

    The controller, wind gen, inverter are all original equipment 2007. The home is occupied 1/3 of the year. The power usage occupied is 5 kw per day, away is 2.3 kw per day. Generator has been used twice by auto on feature meaning thatthe batteries are  99.9 OK all the time.

    Voltage Set Points Bulk Absorb Time Float Equalize Time New Interstate Batteries 7/9/2014 MX60 58.4 3  Hours 53.2 60.4 3  Hours Summertime HOT Setpoint 9/24/2016 57.6 2 Hours 54.4 60.4 3  Hours

    New DEKA 8L16 August 31st

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