Can I run a solar water pump 24V/25A/600W with 2 or three 250W solar panels.

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I recently had a misfortune, my submersible solar water water got stolen. It was a DC pump, so i run directly from solar power. It ran on two 250W solar panels (operational voltage 29.8V, current 8.39A) the rating was 48V/8A/400W, brand Shiyuan. I have tried looking around for a similar one but can't find instead there is a 24V/25A/600W. I was thinking of just getting this one and try using the same two panels connected in parallel or buy one more 250W panel and connect them in parallel. the problem is in the first option i will have 500W which is less than pump rating and i'm not sure if it will work and in the 2nd option there will be 750W about 150W more than the rating on the pump is this safe, what should i do? this is the only pump I can afford and I don't want to spend too much unnecessarily. I'm in Malawi in the south east of africa with quite alot of sun.


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    I am very sorry to hear that your pump was stolen.
    Do you have a link or more information about the pump you want to use?
    Details matter.
    Some pumps have internal electronics that will work with a wide variety of panels and power sources. Some do not.
    Generally, if you have the correct working voltage, your can parallel more panels without issue (pump should be self limiting regarding power usage).
    You also need to match well depth and water lift to a cistern (or pressure tank) for everything to work well.
    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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