MPPT60 150 Arcing



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    Nitro25 said:
    Thanks much Vic,
    Yeah, I knew I was close, but Xantrex gave me their blessing.(Back before Schneider entered the picture.) But the problem at hand it trying to get this one on line. I noticed that the Fet (FDP2532) is rated right at 150V, what ever happened to margin? I guess I could look on Digikey for a beefier Fet. So, It's the shotgun approach where I order all new Diodes, Fets, and drivers, or try to trouble shoot the driver circuit with a scope. As far as getting a new CC ... I just found out what my Social Security was ... not in the near future!
    Did you check the Datasheet for this FDP2532 in the "Safe Operating Area"?
    SINGLE PULSE 150 amps and 150 volts and 10 Micro seconds!

    With pure DC (DRAIN TO SOURCE VOLTAGE) it's very low!!  around1 amp at 150 volts.. 100% duty.
    Like sure 15 amps at 15 volt pulsed at 10 micro seconds, (correct me if I'm wrong) with pure DC it is very low
    I personally think the leads are much so small for DC prime time, on ALL mosfets, they are all limited by lead size..

    They need much larger "leads" for the power, seems they totally miss the point. For Example I have 3 parallel SSR's for a 80 amp pure DC load.
    Magers SSR Dc to Dc  good for 220 V DC and they barely work with heat sink its less than 50 C due internal heat with a 40 amp fuse each protected by a main DC 100 amp breaker.The "Fotek" 80 amp one's failed in one day..
    So the are only running at ~27 amps each and that is around the max (seems), 1 already blew one.. 80 amp SSR after a few years.
    The back fell off it, maybe poor thermal transfer.
    So less than 50% duty. So really over-rate them! Seems harder to find good ones for higher amps and high volts, mostly in
    small packages.