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Hi all,
I have an old Heliotrope CC120E charge controller. I looking for a battery temperature sensor for it. It would also be nice if I can download a manual for it as well. I tried looking all over online and cant get any info on it. Would anyone happen to have  any info to share? Even a part number or specs for the bat temp compensator would help. 
Thanks in advance,


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    Hello kira..,  Welcome to the Forum.

    In searching for Heliotrope,  found a Review in Home Power magazine,  dated 1995,  at the foot of that review,  was the following:
    Heliotrope General, 3733 Kenora Drive, Spring Valley, CA 91977 • 800-552-8838 • 619460-3930 • FAX 619-460-9211

    The 800 number works,  but some other entity's phone message answers  --  Jag (?) Engineering,  or similar.

    Perhaps they are the successors to Helio ..

    BUT,  is it possible that it could be time for an even more modern Charge Controller ?

    FWIW,   good luck,   Vic

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