Morningstar TS60 PWM clarification

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My SGs have risen again from the average of 1.265 to 12.70 to 1.28 , no idea why , nothing changed an the system so i decided to do a 1 second log and then actually spent 10 minutes watching the output log while things were happening . Did the same thing a few times now and always same so i know its not a one off error . 

The strangest thing , my target voltage was at 28.77v , batteries were in Bulk and the array voltage showing was just .2v above the Batteries and i was expecting once the battery voltage reached 28.77 the charger would go into Absorption , it didnt , it went into Absorption when the array voltage reached 25.77 , the battery voltage was still only at 25.56 and charger hovered between Bulk and Absorption states for few seconds before becoming stable in Absorption , the battery voltage rose slowly over a minute or so to the target voltage but nothing changed , it had already done so from Array voltage . The array voltage rose as soon as changed fro Bulk to Absorption and Current dropped so the charger was defiantly out of Bulk before the target voltage was hit by the batteries .

As my problem seems to be one of overcharging rather than undercharging or worried about getting enough current in during the charging times to cover my night time use its not a problem , in fact better that way , just wasn't what i was expecting to see , expected set points to be governed by Battery voltage not Array voltage . Im using a swivel Bus bar connected to Batteries , charger and inverters so everything is equal . .

After 18 months of monitoring and use I thought i had a good understanding of the TS60 PWM and MSview , even worked out how to preset an absorption time which Morning star said wasn't possible , now i told them how they are telling customers who need to set it on their systems .
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