CPU board for Xantrex 6048 needed

Hi, I have a Xantrex 6048 inverter that I picked up supposedly as an unused "demo". It appears that it had never been used. The knockouts are all intact and the terminal screws are like new.

Anyway, to test the unit I connected it to D.C. Power and got nothing. Removing the cover and looking inside I find F1 on the incoming power board open and some damage on the CPU board above it. I removed the CPU board to inspect the damage and found what appears to be evidence of some kind of liquid running down the back of the board. It cleaned off easily with IPA. 

I'm going to do a full teardown and inspection to see if there is any other traces of stuff inside. The unit is otherwise absolutely pristine inside. 

Does anyone have a source for parts for these units? 

Any help is is most appreciated. 
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