Storing solar panel

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So I have a couple of solar panels stored in my basement where there is no heat and no water and a little sunshine. And I was wondering if they are still generating electricity down there 🤔. their front is completely exposed and not covered with anything. Will it affect the solar panels in any way if they are producing electricity in an open circuit (with no load) for a long period of time?. Thanks


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    No problem... The only thing you have to worry about is something hitting the glass surface (most panels are made from tempered glass--The "right hit", and they will shatter into a thousand pieces). And corrosion of the terminals (if you have a damp basement and/or the wiring is exposed, or if the plastic backing material is torn in handeling/storage).

    Are they creating electricity when exposed to the basement lightning... A tiny bit--Typically somewhere around 1/100 to 1/1,000 of the panels rated output (or less, due to some physics in the panels).

    There is one type of solar panel used in making large solar farms that can be damaged if the output is left unconnected in full sun--But nobody uses those type of panels around the house/small business. The mono/poly crystalline panels we know and love--Are just fine in storage/unused until needed (dark or in sun).

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