PV wire/ MC4 and H4 connectors?

ligwyd Registered Users Posts: 209 ✭✭
Which type of crimp on end is the best? I've got an "Amphenol (for Helios H4)" crimping tool with two types of crimping inserts. One type, I'm guessing is for the crimp on ends that have the wings on the end and the wings crimp around the wire - and the other inserts I'm guessing are for crimping the solid circular type crimp on ends. I would think these would be the more solid ones although I am sure they both work fine? My PV wire connectors are Amphenol Helios H connector Machined C and am using 10 awg PV wire. Just want to make sure I get the crimping down perfect before I start making all the connections. The other set of crimper inserts, which I am pretty sure are for the solid circular crimp on ends, crimp the end into a square shape. I am sure I am over thinking it, I just want to get it right the first time :) Any wisdom to offer?