Nyle Heat Pump

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Nyle has discontinued their residential heat pump line. Does anyone know of a similar product I can use with solar.


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    Don't know, but GE pulled the plug on there Geo-Spring version a couple of years ago:



    Evidently they cost too much, (two to three times what regular resistance water heaters cost) and GE has been losing millions on them. But there were other issues, raised by commenters at GBI:

    • Regular water heaters are silent, while the GeoSpring had compressors and was actually noisy, some complain that it was noisier than a fridge;
    • The quality, at least at the beginning, was not very good;
    • Lack of clear contractor serviceability; the plumber doesn't know HVAC or refrigeration and the HVAC guy doesn't know plumbing or water heaters;
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    I have a Nyle and I have been very happy with the performance.  It works great.  I have it on a timer that allows it to operate only during daylight hours and during the summer. It is very quiet, very efficient and excellent quality.  My advice is that if you can find it....buy it.

    I paid $900 for it and my COOP gave me a $300 heat pump subsidy and the IRS gave me another $300 energy credit.....I'm out of pocket only $300.

    I monitor it using the OHM system...designed for thermal systems but I have found it works great for PV heating also.  System info here:

    Perfect example of a solution released before the perceived need.  When future electrical power costs >$0.45 per kWh then people will take notice.  Payback now is too long and few variable subsidies to keep it going.  It will die now but spring to live again in the future when energy prices spike again.

     Sorry to hear the announcement.
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