Help with transfer switch neutral wiring for hybrid system

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Hi all, I’m new trying to go partially solar. I live in Puerto Rico where some parts of the island still have no power after we were hit by hurricane María (november 2017) and the rest of the power grid is still very flimsy. I am trying to setup a backup/hybrid system for my house; and if I get it right I will then set another for my inlaws.

I have read many forum posts and found many of my questions answered but I am stuck with this one: I want to have power from the utility company to some parts of my house (say most power outlets) and run some parts of the house on solar (like the fridge and an AC unit). With the capability of switching additional parts to solar when power company fails (which is happening quite often).

I have
A 24V 6,000W AIMS inverter:

And a Reliance Pro/Tran2 manual transfer switches: Loadside Installation and Operating Instructions.pdf

I’ve deciphered that the AC-IN into the inverter must have Load 1, Load 2 and an independent ground rod. But i'm not sure if it is ok to have the AC-OUT with the neutral from the main panel while AC from the utility company is ON. I’m stuck and I don’t want to burn the unit.

I have included a overly simplified wiring diagram that i cooked-up to illustrate my situation.
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