make sky blue chinese mppt cc

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I picked one of these up in January off of Amazon, and figured I'd do a review for everyone.

First off the bad- not UL listed, and output amps are overrated i.e. if you can do math there is no way to get the rated amps or off the controller without exceeding the recommended max Watts of panels, unless you are discharging your batteries so low that you will destroy them in a few weeks anyway.

Spec's say max array size for 36 volt operation is 2100 watts. Simple math will tell you that at 100 percent efficiency 60 amps is only achievable to 35 volts which is not enough to charge a 36 volt battery. 43 volts is the standard bulk charge rate for a 36 volt lead acid battery. 43*60=2580, so in order to charge a 36 volt battery @ 60 amps you would need to install over 2600w of panels at this controllers stated efficiency. Best case scenario IF everything functions perfectly this unit is a 48 amp controller.

Now for THE GOOD! First off it works, which is somewhat amazing considering the number of FAKE mppt's coming out of China in the last few years.

I've had it in service about 6 months, it tracks fairly well, puts out about what i would expect it to, (subjective i know) With the array of panels I have on it it is maxing at about 45 amps and even after several hours in a somewhat poorly ventilated space it has never been hot to the touch( at least when i have checked it) which is much more than i can say for the tracer controllers I've tested. Cost delivered was just under $170 (I could have gotten it for less but chose to order it through prime for returnability reasons)

Final thoughts all in all this seems to be a decent cc even derating it to 45a from the advertised 60 the price point is very good. While I probably wouldn't rely on one as my only cc since I already have a flexmax primary cc so far these seem to be a pretty good deal as secondary controllers at 1/3 the cost. Really what has impressed me the most is the lack of heat, they do have a small fan, but even my flexmax runs way hotter when putting out comparable power.
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