Ground a TV Antenna on the array?

I am installing a TV antenna on the roof near the solar array.  I intended on running a ground wire for the antenna to one of the grounding rods (or it's own).  Seeing that the antenna's ground wire will come in contact with the array mounts, got me wondering if I can just bond the antenna to the array?  Or should care be taking to ensure the antenna's ground wire does not come in contact with the array?  This array and antenna is mounted on a steel roof with S-5! connectors. 
9.8kW Array, (34) 290w Heliene Modules, SE10000a SolarEdge Inverter. 8/12 pitch steel roof.  NABCEP PVA. Minnesota.


  • cow_ranchercow_rancher Solar Expert Posts: 117 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm not going to quote the NEC.  However in the Military (Navy/Army/Air people), at a facility we ground everything to everything else to eliminate voltage differences, i.e. the lightning bolt strikes the array, it could jump across (it will jump across) the gap to the antenna, so ground them both together, and separately to a couple of ground rods, also tied together.  This is how we did it for EMP protection...

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