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It has been a few years since I have searched for this so I thought I would reach out to the people who are passionate / interested in energy usage and conservation.  Can anyone send me a link to where people either upload their power usages data / stats on home that is public facing, but keeps their other data private? Or a site that provides just energy usage stats (other than government)?  Would be super helpful as I am looking at the ROI of installing solar and looking at investment of batteries + micro turbine.

About Me: My Home Local:
I live up in the SF North Bay in California and have had solar since December 2014.  (2kw AC system, (8) 250W PhonoSolar, Enphase 300W Microinverters (Gen 6))  I am pretty energy conscious, mainly do not keep lights on, have energy efficient windows, use fleece blankets instead of drapes on colder parts of house in winter and lucky enough to not have to need an air conditioner. (Caviat is living in California is spendy)

My utility is PG&E.  I use their Opower mini site to check power usage for electricity and gas. 

My Enphase Envoy monitors usage and output.  Both sites provide good data to monitor energy usage and output.

Have a four bedroom, 2 bath home.  SSE facing.  Have trees on W and N sides of home so this provides cooling in summer.  Also up against a mountain range, so I loose direct light around 7pm now (but array collects ambient light til 8:15pm :O  )

If anyone can share info on sites that would be super awesome.

Happy Summer Everyone


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    Just follow the instructions..............
    23.16kW Kyocera panels; 2 Fronius 7.5kW inverters; Nyle hot water; Steffes ETS; Great Lakes RO; Generac 10kW w/ATS, TED Pro System monitoring with
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