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Just bought a dynatrap from QVC that is supposed to catch bugs and mosquitos. I don,t have an outlet nearby. I needed a new porch light and bought one at lowes that has a GF outlet built in. I checked it and the outlet will work without a bulb. I want to be able to turn the outlet on and off with my inside porch light switch without having the light on. There is only 2 wires coming from the GFI to the light socket black and white. If I cut the black wire and install a toggle switch on the wire will the GFI still work.  I think it should as the GFI will work without a bulb in the socket.Anyone else have any good results with  the dynatrap? There is a youtube video about it from QVC.
  PS I put this post here because of the other bug zapper post. 


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    FWIW, I think GFI should still work with a switched black. My understanding is the GFI triggers if there's a difference in current between live and neutral, which there normally shouldn't be.

    The only bug zappers I've had much luck with are malathion (only works for a short time, and is nasty for good bugs etc), and dragonflies (much better, and eat deer flies as well as mozzies). Somehow, the lit zappers just seem to invite bug reinforcements here. Would be interested if the dynatrap works for you though - the dragonflies haven't shown up in force yet.
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    I did put a switch on the black wire side of the light bulb and I can turn off the light with it and still have the ground fault outlet work  I can cut off all power to porch light from the inside switch.  Thr dynatrap bug trap does work. I got about a quart of dead mosquitos in the first 2 weeks of use. There is a seller on Ebay that sells refurbished ones a lot cheaper than new and it still has a 1 year guarantee. I bought one off them and it looked like new. I could put the name of the seller here but I was am learry that someone might think I am trying to sdell them.  
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    Go ahead Vic.

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