Cheap Chinese Fuji Micro XG4000 Generator update

basewindowbasewindow Solar Expert Posts: 63 ✭✭
Per previous post reviews.

Well its finally died.

The engine still runs well but the elctronics side has bitten the dust. 

7 years of pretty light use, think about 220 hours, with some intermittent issues. Cant seem to get the same parts for repair and the cost of similar parts would make the process pointless.

Bought a 2nd hand Subaru 5kva for a replacement, no fancy Eco mode or pure sine or electronic start. Decided didnt really need a pure sine digital inverter type as really I only use it for tools and occasional battery charging. Yes its noisier but not a lot and Im pretty isolated and the only person it annoys is me.
Off Grid shack - Victoria Australia. 480W array, 500Ah AGM at 12V. 30A PWM Manison CC. Trimetric 2030. 300W Pure Sine Inverter. 120lt Dometic Gas Fridge. Composting Toilet. 5000lt water tank with 12v 35psi pump. Bosch Hydropower 16 for nice hot water. 4kw Fuji Micro Generator (dead after 7 years) 5kva Subaru Generator.
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