Charge Controller(MPPT) Monitoring

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Is existed any charge controller(MPPT) which monitors the modules performance separately?
eg. We have 3 Modules which are connected together by parallel(or not), And now we want to monitor each of these modules perfomance separately(eg. I-V Curve). Is it possible by Charge Controller(MPPT)?


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    I think you'd need a controller with 3 separate inputs (I'm not aware of any), or three separate controllers.

    Alternatively, relatve performance shouldn't change much, so you could check each panel output with a clamp-on amp meter periodically to identify any problems with a specific panel.
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    If you use a MidNite MNPV3 and 3 breaker you could shut down all 3 and check each one separately...

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    You can do some per solar panel string monitoring power meters pretty cheaply ($10 per string--You could even do per module monitoring if you really wanted):

    Do you just need to read the meters, or do you want computer monitoring? Multi-channel logging system (0-100 volts to measure panel voltage, 0-100 mVolts to measure shunt voltage, and floating inputs if you do series panel connections--no common ground).


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  • HazywayrunnerHazywayrunner Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you Bill,
    I need computer monitoring
  • BB.BB. Super Moderators, Administrators Posts: 29,994 admin
    Here is one place to start (I know nothing about product or website):

    But those do not seem to have "isolated" analog inputs--So you would (probably) not be able to put 4 panels in series and log the information for each panel with the one A2D controller.

    Note, if you are doing >10 volt measurements (for example), then you can use a precision voltage divider (two resistors in series, use the midpoint to read voltage to local signal ground) to drop 30-50 volts to 10 volts max (i.e., a 5 or 10:1 divider).

    I cannot quickly find a multi-channel voltage data logger with isolated analog inputs (higher isolation voltages).

    It has been too many years since I have even needed to working with loggers--So I really do not know today's market. Sorry I cannot help more.

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    Most of the data logging for solar is with systems like Schneider and Outback who have web portals to mine the data anywhere in the world. They would use one mppt per channel with dozens of mppts for large projects. You then could log specific data about each array to an SD card for years.
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