Tax Forms 5695 and 8911

strawbalestrawbale Solar Expert Posts: 29 ✭✭✭
Has anyone else ran into this same glitch. I've been carrying over my tax credit on Form 5695 from an earlier PV install, using some each year. Last year I put in an EVSE (electric car charger) for which there is also a 30% federal tax credit (Form 8911), but it must be used in the given year. The glitch is that the worksheet for Form 5695 requires one to use all the tax credit from that form before using that from Form 8911 which will expire. Since it does make allowance for Form 8936 ($7500 EV tax credit) which also needs to be used in the given year, it seems allowance should also be made for Form 8911. Anyone find any way through this?
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