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I have a system that is less than one year old off grid.  My battery shuts off only after one hour of  use.  I have 9 panels, 285 wats, outback flexpower 120 Volt.  4 outback 12v batteries sealed.  it is set to 1 hr absorb time.  If I change my absorb time to 2 hours do you think it will help my issue


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    What is the Manufacturers recommended time for  ABSORB?  Is your charger using a BTS or RTS ?  and YES if you are in the northern part of the world, the longer ABSORB time should help long term but you may already have damaged your batteries with only 1 Hr  of  ABSORB
    .It is better if you post all the charging parameters rather than one part at a time as there may be other factors involved, rather than guessing...
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    It's also helpful to start a single post/thread for a single issue. Multiple threads tend to confuse things.
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