No communication to Fronius Solar.web after adding inverter

NEO_Renewables Registered Users Posts: 1
Just installed a 2nd, identical, inverter in my system to add more panels.
Both inverters are Fronius 6.0-1 IG Plus units
The original one has a Datamanager card installed, which is connected to the web and has been working without issue.

2nd inverter has a comm card installed.   Network cable running from the OUT of that comm card to the IN of the Datamanager card, with a terminating plug in the IN port of the comm card in new inverter.    Wired exactly as the Datamanager card info suggests.   
However, this has resulted in no communication to solar.web.    I know from experience that if you mess with these connections, you have to wait for a system restart to get it back up.   This system has now gone through an overnight sleep cycle and wakeup, with still no connection.

Anyone come across this before?