solar on 2009 thor four-winds?

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I have a 2009 Four-Winds Chateau, 2009, and want to find out if anyone has installed solar on a Thor Four-winds RV in that age range? I'm trying to determine:
  1. How you connected the new inverter/charger to the existing converter to take advantage of the internal 117v plugs.
  2. Where did you put the inverter/charger and other instruments?
  3. If extra batteries were instlled, where?

Thanks for any input.



  • ScoobyMikeScoobyMike Registered Users Posts: 37 ✭✭
    Hello Dan,

    I put a small solar system on my 2005 Presidio, which should be similar:

    1 - Your existing inverter charger stays the same, you will simply wire the PV charge controller into the same battery bank.

    2 - run the wires from the PV through a roof vent. I expect that you will use a PWM charge controller, which are inexpensive and relatively small.  If the CC has no display, mount it in the battery compartment.  If it has a display you want to see then mount it on an inside wall close to the PV wires.  This makes the installation job more time consuming and I fount that I rarely looked at the charge controller display as I had the same information on my RV electronics panel.

    3 - I had 4 6-Volt golf cart batteries, and they fit in the battery compartment.  The number of batteries is determined by your usage needs, are the batteries you have adequate for your needs?

    1.2KW off grid system; 2 strings of 2ea 305W 60 cell panels on a redneck ground mount;  MNPV3 combiner feeds a MN Classic 150 located 100' away;  12V 460AH FLA battery bank powers a cabin-wide 12V DC system as well as a Cotek 700W PSW inverter; Honda EU2000i  and IOTA 55A charger bridge cloudy days and a Champion 3800W generator for short duration, power hungry appliances.

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    There are a lot of installations here, , maybe one is similar to yours.
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