Conxt SW Inverter does not like Sunnyboy.

I am new to the forum and have a some what weird problem. I have a Sunnyboy US 6kw Inverter working and was planning on adding a Conext SW Inverter to make an AC coupled Battery system. When I connect the Conext SW inverter to the AC line a relay inside the unit starts chattering. Nothing will make it stop until I turn off the Sunnyboy then the SW inverter stops chattering. While chattering it does not give any fault codes or other indication that there is a problem, just a chattering relay.

Has anyone seen this type of problem?


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    Just to be clear, there are two (or more) "AC Power" connections for these types of AC inverters... Which connection where you using (AC input, Generator input, Protected AC out, etc.)?

    A link to the unit/manual would help (I have given up on trying to keep track of Xantrex/Schneider product naming and possible duplicate model names over the years).

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