Advice request: Remote Power Generator.

Hi All, I’m new to these forums and would very much appreciate your help. I'm part of a team participating in the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps – a program helping scientists take their innovations out of the lab and into the market. We think the technology our team is developing may offer a lot of value to folks needing power on their caravan/RV/boat and we’re trying to better understand the pressing needs and interests of this community.

I made a similar post on the off-grid thread, but I think there might be a fit for this thread too.

Would any members of this community be available for a 15 minute phone call to help us understand the challenges of making your own power and whether what we are working on might make life easier.

Please comment below if you’d be willing to help and I’ll contact you privately to schedule a call.

Many thanks,



  • Adam_LAdam_L Registered Users Posts: 6 ✭✭
    The responses to the post I put on the off-grid thread highlighted that my post sounded really spamm-y and like I was a telemarketer. A conversation I had this morning though really reinforced that I should be talking to RV enthusiasts, so I'll explain a little more about what I'm working on and hopefully persuade you I'm not trying to scam anyone.

    We're a group of researchers with a lab-scale proof of concept of an alternative way of making electric power from a liquid fuel. We have a theory that it might be useful for RV enthusiasts, especially in making heat and power from the same fuel source, but we want to go out and talk to the people know actually know what they need before building the technology into a product.

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