How to service & maintain solar power system?

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Hello everyone. I have question. How to service & maintain solar power system? Can you help me to provide some information? Thanks.


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    Can you tell us a bit about your system, the size of array, voltage and AH rating of battery bank, type of batteries, inverter, where the system is installed (nearest major city), any special conditions (snow, trees, animals, etc.).

    Typically, keeping battery terminal/tops clean, equalizing battery bank, checking electrolyte levels (if flooded cell lead acid batteries), cleaning dust from vents, monitoring electrolyte specific gravity (again flooded cell)--Are the basic tasks. You can take a volt meter and measure the battery/cell voltage, use a DC Current Clamp Meter to check charging/discharging current flow. Do the minor tasks (checking system) once a week, major cleaning/equalization once a month.

    Using a genset (typically during winter/bad weather) to recharge the bank if it approaches 50% state of charge, don't let bank set discharged (under ~75% state of charge) unused (battery bank should be recharged >90% state of charge before system is shut down for winter/between stays at cabin, etc.).

    Are you thinking of getting/installing a solar powered system, have one already, or what?

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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