What's up with Outback?

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I have checked the web for info on their Skybox and find announcements that it's coming out in 2016, 2017, and now 2018. I can find a general description of it, but no actual spec sheet. That seems to be true to a lesser extent with a couple of their other new products. Makes Elon Musk look good at delivering on time!
I've called a few times - may have been connected to the same guy each time - and felt like I was interrupting nap time.
The last time I called was because I was having problems using their string calculator. The guy said " we've gotten other  calls about that. It doesn't seem to work very well with anything other than Windows 10." WTF It's just a simple spreadsheet! They could get a kid from the local middle school to put one together for them in  a few minutes that will work on ANY platform. Are they getting fat and lazy, or am I getting the wrong impression?
I know Outback has a very good reputation, but I wonder what will happen if I call them for help because I'm having a problem with one of their products.


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    Very few people talk about new products until the testing is done and management has given the word. It often takes longer because stuff happens.

    I have heard that February will bring words.

    When has Elon Musk delivered on time? 400,000 model 3's in 2017 and reality was an order of magnitude less.
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    AFAIK, Outback doesn't take deposits on non-existent products like Tesla does. Midnite has an inverter that seems to be taking longer than expected to ship in volume as well. Like Dave said, "stuff happens".

    FWIW, I've had board failures on one of my FXs a couple of times. Outback was good about getting me replacement boards in a reasonable time under warranty, even though the second failure happened well after the warranty period.
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