Why I always suggest that wind turbines should be located away from people/properties

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Don't put wind turbines next to where people will congregate/buildings. This one was rebuilt just last year:


The windmill on Dennys restaurant collapsed and fell on the roof of the restaurant Friday Dec 29 2017 in Arcadia Calif No injuries were reported after the windmill fell Friday morning Its not clear how much damage occurred inside but the restaurant in Arcadia was shut down for maintenance at noon with no word on when it would reopen Walt ManciniLos Angeles Daily News via AP Photo Walt Mancini AP  Los Angeles Daily News

-Bill :p

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    Words of wisdom!  

    I wish I had taken a picture of the wind gen fiasco up in the national park. They are taking down huge lodgepole pines and ponderosa pines from bark beetles. It seems they were trying to miss the wind generator and they hit the service trucks that brought them up the mountain. Picture the spinning wind generator and 2 F250's flattened. >:)

    With no cell coverage they had to hike out 11 miles.
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    There is a proposed ski resort development up in NH. There is also a large wind farm that was built previously, the ski resort was not planned when the wind farm went it. It was just raw woodland around the turbines so the wind farm developer picked a large ice throw safety zone around the turbines..The workers at the farm have unofficially reported some real interesting impacts from ice chunks. Fast forward a few years and now the ski developer wants to build ski terrain quite close to turbines.  There have been a lot of behind the scenes discussion with the various parties about how to make the safety zone smaller. NH has a special law on the books that skiers cant sue a ski area for injuries unless it was a deliberate action on the ski areas part so I expect if someone gets harpooned with an icechunk they are out of luck.

    The alternative is shut down the turbines when icing is possible but I expect the ski area will be writing a check for lost generation. 
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