01D setup ??

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Good day     I would  like to ask  any one could  help me  i would  like to know   if my arc  remote  setting  for       ,,,, setup  01D    max adc        setting is correct   default  is 200 adc    I have it set to   140   adc       my system  consists of       48 volt        #8 ,6volt s550 surrett  #8, 250 watt stark panel   ,disco combiner , pt 100 charge controller    magna sine 4448pae   arc remote 4.0   b.m.k       honda 7000 generator   thank you   merry Christmas    


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    The bank likely won't take more than ~70Adc or so charging in bulk.
    Main daytime system ~4kw panels into 2xMNClassic150 370ah 48v bank 2xOutback 3548 inverter 120v + 240v autotransformer
    Night system ~1kw panels into 1xMNClassic150 700ah 12v bank morningstar 300w inverter
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    Thanks estragon I have changed to 70  I appreciate  your reply cheers.