Airx help needed

fincapowerfincapower Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi can anyone give me some advice I have an air x which acts as though the brake is on i.e. won't spin up and only turns slowly in a Gale producing no power.I have taken it down and powered it with a drill and it makes power I thought it may be the control board so I disconnected it and wired the stator though a bridge rectifier  and have the same results it makes power with the drill but not with the blades it still acts like it has a brake on.I have  checked the  bearing and its good.the rotor is clean and no sign of rubbing or wear the stator  has 4 leads each lead has 1 wire  coming off it and the 4th lead has 3 wires coming off it I think this is the ground which I left disconnected .The turbine acts the same connected to batterys or not  has anyone got any ideas or help please


  • AguarancherAguarancher Solar Expert Posts: 282 ✭✭✭
    If the blades don't spin in a good gale with all the wires disconnected, I would suspect you have an internal short.
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