Grid Tie Inverter Recommendation

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I am looking to get an inexpensive grid tie inverter. I dont want something as cheap as the Chinese ones, but I dont want to break the bank either. Any recommendations? I am going to be between 1500-2000 watts.


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    The 3 fronius  inverters I have been using have been trouble free for over 8 years.   Our forum host sells them in the store. The lowest price is $1357 for a fronius galvo primo 3.8-1 3800 watts. If you just want a 2000 watt fronuis galvo 2.0 2000 watts cost is $ 1530.  I think I would buy the primo 3.8 model as it has 2 separate charging circuits. You could use one of the charging circuitss for now and you could add some more panels on the other charging circuit later if you wanted to. Also I like the SMA sunny boy 3.0 3000 watt which has 2 charging circuits and has a 120 volt outlet you could use in the sunlight if you have a power outage. Getting the larger wattage inverters.
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