How to delete account

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How do I delete my account?


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    Your account not only cannot be deleted by yourself, it will never be deleted by anyone who has the capability to delete it. You asked questions on a public forum that was provided at no cost to you, and had them answered by people who donated their time to answer your question(s) at no cost to you. The "price" you pay for asking questions on any internet bulletin board, aka a forum, is that it is 100% public, and it will be able to be read by people for likely hundreds of years. See all of those other thousands of threads that are available for you to read at this site, without you even needing to sign up and ask the question?

    Those only still exist so the information can be out there to anyone who wants to know what is contained within them, but decided to read instead of asking the same 15 questions that all rookies ask every single time that they convince themselves that for $50 or $100 total cost, they'll be able to keep their air conditioners running wide open 365 days/year, even with their windows open, because well, that's what they've convinced themselves will happen. Besides, then you'd need to sign up again in a week/month/year, when you had another question.
    DoD= depth of discharge= amount removed from that battery   SoC= state of charge= amount remaining in that battery
    So, 0% DoD= 100% SoC, 25% DoD= 75% SoC, 50% DoD= 50% SoC, 75% DoD= 25% SoC, 100% DoD= 0% SoC
    A/C= air conditioning AC= alternating current (what comes from the outlets in your home) DC= direct current (what batteries & solar panels use)
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