Fault code

I have 2 Sun Power inverters (5200 and 3200) and recently the 3200 shows a fault code 9 of 1000 0000 0200
The manual says it is "AC voltage sensing missing per UL or Ground Fault"
No idea what to do. Thanks in advance for replies.


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    I am assuming you checked line voltage and the GFI fuse?
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    Also check the AC voltage between L1 and L2 and chassis/greenwire ground. You should see around 240 VAC L1 to L2, and ~120 volts L1 to ground, and L2 to ground.

    Similar for solar panel side. If the fuse is good, The + terminal should be near ground, and the - terminal near Vmp-array to Voc-array (according to one manual I read, the GT Inverter has a positive grounded, via the fuse, array--Many GT inverters are configurable for positive or negative ground arrays).

    https://www.manualslib.com/manual/864752/Sunpower-Spr-5200.html?page=9#manual (page 9 has wiring diagram)


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