inverter for four 300 WATS 12 VDC output solar panels.

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I have four 300 wats 12VDC  solar panels and im looking for a grit tied inveter that will work with  this panels.



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    Are you sure the panels are 300 Watt @ 12 volts (Vmp~18 volts)? Most 300 Watt panels would be Vmp~30-36 volts Vmp.

    You do need to "match" the panels to the Grid Tie AC Inverter.

    Very short warning. Connecting solar panels + GT inverters to your home wiring is illegal in most places without buying UL/NRTL devices and notifying the utility/getting permits. Improperly installed/configured equipment can be a fire risk, lightning risk, and non-NRTL listed devices can be a fire hazard. As well as hazards in high winds (blowing panels off roof). Your utility meter may report GT solar system installation back to the utility. And, many billing meters will not "run backwards"--If your generated power exceeds power used in your home and you feed power back to the utility, the meter may charge you for that (normal utility rates).

    There are "Listed" GT Inverters and micro GT inverters--But you do have to match the panels to the devices. Or, just go on Ebay and search "Grid Tie Solar Inverter" for the ones that match your panel voltage and total Wattage (note that most small GT inverters on Ebay are not listed devices).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset