Upgrading inverter...Conex 4024 ???

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Hello folks, I've been away from the forum for awhile.
My current system has been working fine, but I'm thinking on upgrading my inverters (SW4024) to the newer Conex 4024 units.
It appears I would need a stacking box option as well as the control panel option.

I just received a email from naws indicating a upcoming sale on some schneider products.
I'm hoping some of you good folks here would offer up some comments regarding the conex 4024 unit.
I wish to stay with a 24 vdc battery system, so a couple of the 4024 units seemed like a good choice.
??? Thanks! 


  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 5,910 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you need split phase they are about as inexpensive as you can get and will input or out 120 /240. Your small 120 genset will run the system. They are light compared to the XW+ and one person can lift. The pre wired DC and AC conduit boxes make it easy to install.
    4KW and 7KW for 5 seconds are you sure you need to stack? either combox or the SCP is required to monitor/configure.
    The Outback Radian is also a nice box!
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    Hello, thanks for the response;
    I really don't need split phase (no 240 needs), I just thought i would go that route while upgrading.
    I'm currently running only one old style Xantrez SW4024 unit.
    It's maxed out and I noticed the new style units are now rated lower continuous output watts, hence the thought to stack.
    If I don't require split phase, other suggestions from the real experience folks here might offer?
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    I run stacked Outbacks in a master/slave 120v config. Although I have a 240v submersible pump, I figured it was better to use an autotransformer for that one load rather than do split phase.

    The slave pretty much always justs sits there doing nothing, but it's nice to know it's there if guests do something dumb (watta ya mean, there's a problem. I make toast with the fridge door open while I blow dry my hair after my shower all the time at home!).

    I've just had a second failure with the Outbacks though. Last year, the master went dark. I had guests, but nobody was doing anything dumb, clear blue skies, etc. The nice thing about stacking that way is it was a simple matter of changing the slave to master and lights come back on. Outback was good about getting me replacement control boards in reasonable time at no cost. Almost exactly a year later, same problem with the same inverter. New boards on the way again.
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    An XW can be wired internally for 120VAC only but they no longer make a 24V model.

     It is a good question as I don't know off the top if the CSW can run only 120 VAC internally. But if you have a standard panel you just use each leg of the 120 and will never use the 240. Should be easy to wire and the stack will give you the power you need. You also will have 240 for something you have not thought of yet. :)

    I have heard a few of those Estragon. None of the failures involved toast, a blow dryer and a refrigerator though ;)
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    You can use the CSW4024 using only one leg of the split phase output, but the maximum continuous power drops from 3400W (using both L1/L2) to only 2550W (L1 or L2).
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    Yes for sure Steve. I was just thinking that I had never seen the internal change like on the XW where you get the full rated either split or 120 only. You probably can't because the nature of the transformer in the CSW.
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