Suniva failure rate?

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I have so far 10 out of my 30 Suniva panels experience severe loss of power output during hot times of the day / year since I installed them 18 months ago.  I am a professional installer and we know what we are doing.  Anyone else having problems with the OPT-280 BOB Sunivas??


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    I had a similar problem with BP-4175 (175 Watt panels) built ~12 years ago and failed after ~6 years of use.

    For mine, it appeared to be a design/mfg. problem in the junction box area. On my failed panels (about 50% of them)--Basically they went high(er) resistance.

    And, if you looked very closely at the top (through glass top) of the panel over the j-box, there was a light brown rust/coffee colored stain.

    BP did a 100% replacement under warranty for my array.

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    I think the same thing is happening Bill with these. There have been a bunch of panels from Suniva looking/measuring bad. Google them as there are other things litigation wise for a tariff going on.
     The ones I saw had streaks in the glass that did not wash off. Remember Don Knots in the Ghost and Mr Chicken? "and they even used Bon Ami"
    They had cells that were US made with panels assembled in China to get around the mostly made here law.
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